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Flower Bud Petals

Individual and Couples Therapy


Michelle Lesher

      We do not always see ourselves clearly.  

   An extra pair of eyes (and ears) help us navigate through the weeds of our life -

 to our blossoming.

      My experience, education, and intuition have enabled me to assist many individuals to feel emotionally balanced and personally equipped in their journey in life.

      I believe in a mind, body, and heart approach. I work with people with anxious symptoms and relationship challenges. I assist clients with their life transitions, helping individuals who are trying to repair the broken parts of themselves.

       I am trained in Structured Family Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). I am a Certified Meditation instructor, a Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine provider, and have extensive experience with healing from trauma and the dynamics of recovery. 


Payment Policy
Out of network insurance
Self pay
Cash, check, Ivy pay
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