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Michelle Lesher, LCSW LCADC

   I have over 14 years of experience counseling, including working with individuals in recovery, at all levels.

   I worked at Spring House, Women’s Residential Home, which marked my first experience leading groups. Experiencing the growth of individuals building trust and assisting them to lean into their feelings was so rewarding, led me to becoming a certified group leader.

   My position as a senior clinician at High Focus Centers provided me the groundwork for working with clients individually, as well with their primary relationships and their families.  Here, I facilitated the weekly family groups in which clients and their family members gathered, sometimes for the first time, to express their needs, and cultivate honest communication. Through fears and tears they built bridges of love.

   As the Coordinator of the Substance Abuse Program at Specialized Therapy Associates, I was responsible for counseling and educating staff, clients, and their families about recovery, and encouraging family members to seek help for themselves.

   I have attended numerous seminars in Parenting, Mindfulness and Emotional intimacy. I believe there is a great treasure chest that spirituality holds for those in therapy ~ the courage to change the things we can, to let people know you love them, and to let go of the need for control, in exchange for a happy heart.

   I am certified as a Nutritional and Integrative Medicine Mental Health provider. I incorporate iinnovative ideas to assist women to feel energetic, focused, and calm.

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Licensed Clinical Social worker

Licensed Alcohol and Drug counselor

Certified Clinical Supervisor

Certified APA group leader

Master Reiki Therapist

Certified Meditation Instructor

Graduate, Masters Social Work, Rutgers State University, New Jersey

Graduate, Transformational Arts Institute For Counseling Redlands, California 

Graduate, The Institute of Structural Postural Balance Los Angeles, California.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker License # 44SC05505200

Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor License # 37LC00163000


Private Psychotherapy Practice for individuals and couples

Director, Substance Use Outpatient Program The Bridge Inc.

Supervisor, Clinician, The Bridge Inc.

Clinician, Care Plus New Jersey

Clinician, The Well Being Center 

Director, Substance Use Program for Specialized Therapy Associates

Senior Clinician, High Focus Centers Intensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Program 

What to expect from therapy

   My primary focus is you and your world. 

   The reparative gift of therapy is that it is a safe, supportive relationship between the individual /couple and the therapist. The therapy room is a sacred place where individuals can be themselves, feel their feelings, and gain insight that can be transmitted to their waking life.

   I assist individuals with their life challenges, especially those in recovery to understand the concepts of being powerless, developing motivation and living with compassion for yourself and others. I utilize a wholistic approach, considering the dimensions of  your  physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual life. I can teach you mindfulness skills to assist you in decreasing unwanted, anxious symptoms, and how to develop the ability to be calm and serene. We work together to help you naviagate the intensity of perceived stress and to highlight who and what contributes to your happiness and well being. We work at your pace, to uncover, discover, and recover your unique value.

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