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Engaged Couple
   ;One of the greatest gifts in life is to fall in love
.One of the greatest tasks in life is to stay in love
  •         ,We will focus on addressing you as a couple
  • ,with each of you bringing  your own family valueschallenges
  • .and strengths to the relationship
  •  I will assist you both
to learn and apply communication tools
.and to build emotional intimacy
We will work at your pace to express
your fears, your needs, your wants
.and your love

Botanical Garden

    When individuals are triggered by particular upsetting catalysts, they often experience anxious symptoms including one or more of the following:  

rapid heartbeat, clamy hands, shallow breathing, nausea and numbness. When powerful emotions occur without an outlet for release, a person can feel flooded, and experience a panic attack. Your body will tell you what your mind can not.

     Your life means more than managing anxious symptoms.

We will identify internal and external cues to your unwanted distress and incorporate skills to increase your ability to cope and be in the present moment calmly and to learn how to experience serenity.

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